How To Have The Best Gaming Server For Your Game Hosting

Over the last 7 months alone, more than 14 Dedicated Game Hosting Companies have entered the market, and we have tested them all to figure out which are the best.

Keep in mind that Game Hosting is different from web hosting (websites hosting, apps hosting …), and that is overdue many factors such as the power and performance required for keeping up with the level of the gamers and the game hosted on the server.

By The End of this article, you’re going to learn :

  • What you don’t know about Game Hosting
  • Differences Between Game Hosting and Normal Hosting
  • If Hosting Your Preferred Game on a server is worth it or not.

I Have been a gamer for several years during the nights when I wasn’t at work. Gaming has seriously helped me to go through some tough times in my life.

With the Experience I have gathered over the 12 years I worked in the clouding and hosting services for some reputable hosting providers in The U.S, I can probably benefit you from my inside information.

Of course, Even when you know about a specific topic, you can not know all about it. After all, you are only human.

That is why we have a testing team at Mygamehosting that is only dedicated to testing every product from all possible different angles that can concern you.

The Untold

What you don’t know about Game Hosting

Over the years, Game Hosting Has improved to match the Gamer’s requirements and needs, and Most gamers prefer to have full control over the gaming servers to be fully customizable.

Professional Gamers usually use the gaming servers to host private gaming events with same-level gamers to increase their gaming skills and have better parties.

Playing against equally professional players at the same level is always more enjoyable than having a party against game bots that can be predicted.

Not Only Pros But also newbies tempted to have their servers to have full freedom and manage to enjoy the game as much as possible with having total control about the server’s rules to have manipulation about rules of the game that they determine as owners of the server, the players that they allow to play in their server or not and also the most that are allowed in around.

Game Hosting can be used by Pros, Newbies, and Average players to host private games with friends and have full manipulation about what and who is allowed to play on your private server.

What Makes it Different ?

Differences Between Game Hosting and Normal Hosting

There are many differences between Game Hosting and normal hosting dedicated to hosting websites, apps, and much more.

In-Game hosting, you normally can not have direct access to the server’s panel unless you are the actual admin of the server, which makes it different from normal hosting that is allowed to anyone who has the login info.

Gaming Servers can sometimes require more power than average hosting.

They are dedicated to gaming which always requires an instant response from the server (this is why it is always recommended to have SSD Hard Drives in The gaming Servers).

Each Gamer that is added to the server and has access to it will increase the Data in your gaming server as each of them has different actions and tactics that are automatically stored in the drive of the gaming servers.

The Investment

Are Games Hosting Worth it?

Most players who invested in a hosting server have admitted that their skills in their preferred games have improved significantly due to hosting private parties with players at the same level or even those whose level is above them.

Using a Server gives the ability only to give players a superior level to yours to help you improve.

We Have Reached out to pro gamers, Games hosters, and private Hosting players, and the result was: 82.3% of them have said that hosting their best games has helped them increase their skills and fast response time in gaming.

Important Factors

Things to Check Before Buying A Gaming Server

As mentioned earlier, Game Servers are different from Web Hostings, which is due to many reasons.

Different factors define the quality of it, such as :

  1. Storage: An SSD Disk is highly recommended to keep the gaming speed accurate and the latency delays smaller. This helps to enjoy the game even more .
  2. CPU: Having a good CPU in your server will surely help to maintain good server performance.
  3. Ram: Similarly to laptops and desktops, Ram plays an important role in the fluidity and smoothness of the game. That is why it is required to have a Server that’s ram is higher than 2GB for better Experience.

is it only for Gamers ?

Who Uses These Servers

Gaming has never been specific to a certain category or gender, allowing most gamers to be males, but the percentage of female gamers has hugely increased during recent years.

Doesn’t matter your age also. Gaming is usually considered therapy for the players to have a time where the person can free his mind from life’s stress.

Young or old, Boy or girl, white or black, it doesn’t matter as gaming has always helped reunite different cultures and personalities.

Hosting Your Partie

Games That require a server

There are many different uses of a gaming server, from game hosting to hosting discord servers, to communicate with a certain community.

Most gamers are using these types of servers for hosting their private parties following. Here is a list of games that can require a gaming server :

  • Ark
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Rust
  • Team Fortress
  • CS go
  • Starbound
  • Conan exiles
  • 7 days to die

The majority of the mentioned games can be played without renting a server. However, purchasing a server would be essential to properly host private parties with friends and have full control over them.

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